Friday, May 4, 2012

Local Racing Starting TONIGHT

I will be taking a little break from the graphics tonight and tomorrow to enjoy some great local dirt track action.   Fairmont is a definite go tonight and I'm not missing it!  With almost a month of rain outs I think everyone is pretty excited about it.   Tomorrow night I will be taking in some great action at Arlington.   There opener last week had to be cancelled due to rain and I'm hopeful to go and enjoy some great Saturday racing action as well.

Want to wish all the drivers and team's that choose Derik's Racing Decals the very best of luck this weekend as well as the entire 2012 season.   In an effort to make this blog more interactive I strongly encourage all our customers to post there results in the comment section.  

On a graphics note,  I'm getting pretty close to caught up with just a few more cars to letter up.  Below is a couple more pics of recent cars along with a classic looking sign


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